Update Your Wardrobe For As Little As A Dollar: Come To 'Frock Swap' Whakatāne!


Keen to update your wardrobe (and for as little as a dollar or two), meet new people, and just generally have an excellent evening out? Then 'Frock Swap' Whakatāne practically has your name all over it!

Held at heART Space Studio (down on Merritt Street, so, nice and close!), and run by local businesses Envirohub and Curated Curves (that's us!), 'Frock Swap' is a clothes-swapping event where, ideally, you bring 5 lovely-but-no-longer-worn items, exchange them for someone else's 5 lovely-but-no-longer-worn-items, and walk away with a bunch of fun new things. Yay!

Frock Swap Whakatane

"So when is it?"

Friday March 20, 2020, from 6.30PM - 8.00PM. (The plan? We mingle from 6.30PM, and swap from approximately 7.00PM. Good times!)

"And how much does it cost?"

A donation is all that's required. (Pretty cool to think that you could wind up with anything from a ball gown to a pair of shoes for a couple of coins, hey?!)

"Okay; is this for plus-sized stuff only?"


Although we're usually all about the size 14+ wares (and will be bringing some!), 'Frock Swap' was originally organised as an "all sizes" event, so it's only fair that we continue with what was planned.

"Wait, I'm confused; is this being run by Curated Curves, or...?"

'Frock Swap' was initially Envirohub's baby, but much like with actual, real-life children (ha), they realised they needed some extra hands on deck... which is how we came to be involved! (It sounds amazing; we were only too happy to help!)

Want to come along? (Of course you do!) Click here to register, and feel free to pass the message on to any friends who may be interested, too! (The more clothes to choose from, the merrier!)

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