'Frock Swap' Whakatāne Q&A

You've been asking some excellent questions ahead of 'Frock Swap' Whakatāne ("is this event just for plus sizes?" "Are we allowed to bring things other than frocks?"), so we thought that the least we could do is provide some answers! (Oh, and if we've missed anything, please sing out. We're pretty active on Facebook and Instagram, and you're always welcome to drop us a line!

Frock Swap Whakatane

Q: "Is this event just for plus sizes?"

A: No! We totally understand the possible confusion, though. You've probably seen 'Frock Swap'-related posts from 'Curated Curves: New & Preloved Plus-Size Clothing' - that's us! - and started thinking "hang on...", but that's only because we're one of the 4 hosts of the event. It's for all sizes!

Q: "Okay, so it just dresses which are being swapped, or...?"

A: Definitely not. You're welcome to bring jackets (love a good jacket!), jeans, shoes... whatever takes your fancy! Our only requirement is that any items brought in must be clean and in excellent condition. If you wouldn't be happy to receive a pair of bobbled, well-worn K-mart tracksuit pants, please - don't gift them to someone else!

Q: "Will there be changing rooms?"

A: No, so one attendee has told us that she'll be wearing activewear on the night because "then it's easy to try things on over the top of." Genius!

Q: "I've seen something about drop-off times..."

A: Yes! We realised that having everyone arrive at the same time with arms full of clothes would be m-o-r-e than a little chaotic, so we're asking you to drop your items for swapping off at Heart Space Studio (8B Merritt Street, Whakatāne) this week during the following times:

Thursday 12 March: 5 - 6.00PM
Friday 13 March: 11.00AM - 01.00PM

Hooray! Not long to go now!

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