Look! We Now Have LAYBUY!

You've been asking (and we've been listening!), so we're super excited to announce that we now have LAYBUY as a payment method for our plus-size clothing! Whee!

plus size clothing laybuy nz

"So, what is Laybuy?"

Great question! Basically, Laybuy is a facility which enables you to pay for purchases in instalments (6, to be precise!), rather than in a single transaction.

"Wait, what?! What's the catch?!"

We don't believe that there is one (although it's important to note that we specialize in finding new and pre-loved curve-friendly wares, and definitely not financial advice!). Provided that there's always enough funds in the account you nominate to have your part-payments debited from (because there's fees if there isn't), you won't pay any interest, or any additional costs beyond those associated with your item(s). Too good!

"Where can I learn more?"

Visit Laybuy for further information!

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