"So You Sell Secondhand Plus-Size Clothing... Can You Tell Me A Little More About That?"


Let's delve into a few of your most commonly-wondered questions about our secondhand plus-size clothing... (And of course, if you're curious about something which hasn't been answered, feel free to ask away (it's always lovely to hear from you!) on Facebook, Instagram, or by e-mail!)

"I've had some hit-and-miss experiences buying items which are preloved. Dresses which have arrived smelling of smoke, flaws which haven't been disclosed... what's the quality of Curated Curves' pieces like?"

The golden rule is that if we wouldn't wear - or purchase - something ourselves, it won't be listed for sale. Holes, odours (blurgh), rips and pilling (also known as 'bobbling') are an absolute no-go; our previously-owned stock is all either in excellent, gently used condition, or is new without tags. We also launder everything; we promise, you'll never, ever receive a parcel from us which makes you think "ugh... has this even been washed?!"

"Where do the goods come from?"

EVERYWHERE. Some wares have come directly from our own wardrobes, sometimes our friends and families bring us enormous bags of their clothing (maybe the sizing wasn't quite right for them! We thank them with vouchers...)... we also thrift, hunt for (plus-size!) treasures at markets, peruse garage stores... anywhere we think we can snare something cool to show you!

Secondhand Plus-Size Clothing

"Does the store have a certain 'style'? How do you choose what to sell?"

We definitely don't buy everything we come across (or list everything that we're given; what we don't use, we donate, or re-purpose). 'Excellent-quality-yet-fun-fabulous-and-comfortable-to-wear' is the aim of our fashion game; we like attire which not only looks magnificent (both on you, and its hanger!), but feels magnificent, too.

"What's the appeal of recycled clothing?"

Recycling 100 million pounds (or 453592.37 kg) of clothes has an effect on the environment equivalent to removing 26,000-35,000 cars from the road. Amazing, right?

We're passionate about our planet (and its inhabitants), and figure that if we can play even a small role in its sustainability by reducing the amount of apparel that winds up in landfill, we will. (We also only use eco-friendly packaging.)

There's a slew of aesthetic (and economic) benefits to reusing clothing, too. You're less likely to spy someone else in the same outfit as you. You can cultivate a wardrobe full of unique labels. And, because you're purchasing items which are in as-new-condition without being new-new, you're only paying a portion of their original retail price. W-i-n!

"Okay. Is there anything else I should know?"

All of Curated Curves' secondhand plus-size clothing is wrapped in tissue paper (to protect your delightful new threads in transit, but also... so that you're receiving a parcel which almost feels like a present!), and is sent via tracked courier. There's free shipping for New Zealand-based customers, too, so that you can buy as much - or as little - as you fancy, without having to worry about postage costs.

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