Preloved // CORDELIA STREET Multi-Coloured Tunic // Size 16

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By 9.14AM this stunning, multi-coloured tunic had received 6 compliments (6! Among them: "whoa... it's like SUMMER IN AN OUTFIT! It's so beautiful, and BRIGHT!"), and honestly, it's deserving of every single one of them. It's such an eye-catching, incredibly vibrant piece; it can't help but lift your mood! (And don't you love how an equal amount of attention has been given to its front and back?)

This item is preloved, in excellent, as new condition.

Chest: 57cm
Waist: 60cm
Hips: 74cm
Length (front): 100cm
Length (back: 97cm

Material: The tag specifying its material has been removed, but we'd estimate that it's a blend of polyester and viscose, with a bit of elastane (because it has a good amount of stretch!) thrown in, too.

preloved clothing nz
preloved clothing nz
preloved clothing nz
preloved clothing nz