"Do you sell on behalf?" DO WE EVER! Join our 'Coin For Clothes' programme!

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Something that we often hear from our lovely customers is that while they have a heap of unwanted and/or unworn plus-size clothing in their wardrobes (maybe their size has changed. Perhaps their style is different!), they have absolutely zero time/inclination/technological know-how to sell them. 

Well, we're all too happy to help. Join our 'Coin For Clothes' programme, and we'll do the listing for you!

"So, how does it work?"

You purchase a package - $30 for up to 5 items, $50 for up to 10 items, and $90 for up to 20 items - and then we provide you with an address to ship your goods to (Whakatāne-based? You're welcome to drop them off to us!).

Once received, we'll then launder, photograph and add your garments to our website, and pay you (yay, money!) as soon as each piece sells.

"Okay, so what are the advantages of using Curated Curves? Because I could just jump on one of the Facebook Buy/Sell groups, or Trade Me..."

Of course you could! 

But we can a) eliminate the effort of doing so; and b) use our experience (we'll snap the very best pictures!) to ensure you're receiving the optimal price. Woohoo!  

Keen to start earning? (And clear the "need-to-do-something-with" pile in the corner?!) Select from one of the options above, and we'll be in touch shortly to arrange the process!

"Do you sell on behalf?" DO WE EVER! Join our 'Coin For Clothes' programme!