Sell Your Secondhand Plus-Size Clothing: Request A Closet Clear-Out Kit!

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We sell on your behalf; you get 60% of the sale. Cha-ching! Too easy!

We often hear that while you'd LOVE to list your unwanted (maybe your style has changed. Perhaps your size is different!) and/or unworn new and secondhand plus-size clothing, you have zero time or inclination to do so.

We can totally help. Request a ✨ Closet Clear-Out Kit , and we'll do the selling for you!

Your ✨ Closet Clear-Out Kit ✨ will contain:

  • Courier bags (so you can fill them up with your gorgeous, curve-friendly wares! Due to demand - bless, and also, THANKS! ❤️ We're so excited that you're as enthusiastic about the idea as we are! - we're currently accepting a maximum of 5 pieces);
  • Labels to ship them back to us (we've made it so that you won't have to worry about a thing; we'll even have the packages collected from your door*!);
  • A checklist. We're looking for items which are size 16+, in excellent, as new or brand-new-with-tags condition, and at this stage, clothing-only (sorry, no accessories, bags or shoes, please!). We know that can be a lot to remember ("what are they accepting again...?"), so our checklist will serve as a handy reminder!

We'll then launder, photograph and upload your garments to our website, and pay you (yay, money!) as soon as each piece sells. Woohoo!

    Keen to start earning? (And clear the "need-to-do-something-with" pile in the corner?!) Hooray! Add a ✨ Closet Clear-Out Kit ✨ to your cart today!

    *Urban addresses only.

    Sell Your Secondhand Plus-Size Clothing: Request A Closet Clear-Out Kit!